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-Tickets are good until used, no matter how long it's been from the purchase date.
-Tickets are non-refundable.
-Any trip is dependent on weather conditions so please click here to check our local weather, check the weather for every hour of the trip - forecasts of "showers" "heavy rain" and winds of 15+ MPH that last throughout the trip are a good indicator of a no sail situation. Trying to fish in such conditions is difficult and sea sickness is guaranteed, also keep in mind that any weather condition on land is magnified twofold at sea, e.g: 15 MPH land winds will be 30 MPH at sea.
-Any trip is also dependent on meeting a minimum passenger quota, the boat runs off two diesel engines and we need a minimum just to meet our fuel costs, the fuel market tends to be volatile and the quota will vary along with fuel prices.

-Thank you for your understanding : )

Day Trip: 9am - 4pm: Fluke
$55 Adult [Day Trip]
$25 Child under 12 [Day Trip]
$50 Seniors [Day Trip]
$45 Group Rate for 10+ [Day Trip]

Night Trip: 7pm - 12am: Striped Bass

$50 Adults (Night Trip)
$25 Children under 12 (Night Trip)
$45 Seniors (Night Trip)
$40 Group Rate for 10+ (Night Trip)

Please print your receipt after paying as it will be your ticket and proof of purchase.

We have bait, rods, and tackle onboard for anybody that needs them.
Special Trips and Charters occur periodically, please check the schedule for more information!

We Accept All Credit Cards!

Please call for further info: 1 347 699 3651